I, from the time of the 1996 Atlanta Bujinkan Taikai, knew that Dave was making fraudulent claims, when after attending the Taikai, he returned with that bizarre story about not only having taken the Bujinkan Godan test, but, also claiming that Hatsumi Sensei had promoted him to 8th Dan in “Koga Ryu Ninpo”. He attempted to rationalize this by pointing to a previous Taikai, where Sensei had given rank to one of Ronald Duncan’s students, Felix Vasquez. I was convinced that this was nonsense, but, was unsure what to do about it, as I had already brought in dozens of people to train with Dave, and I knew he had sway over them. That same year I had started training with Torrey Bolden, Bujinkan Shodan under John Sedia, who I also trained with, from time to time.
Finally, in 1997, all of Dave’s senior students noted his contradictions and we voted to break with him. Unfortunately I was unable to separate everyone that I brought in, from him, and thus, I am sending you various proofs of my argument. You will note his own hand is clearly present in the documents.
Take a look at the Bufukan Lineage, pictures of Dave in SKH kamae, and the attendant godai explanation of each, which we all know are peculiar to SKH. Also, note the reference to me as "Mushitera", which we all know was Takamatsu's pet name for MH.
As concerns his rank, you'll note the WBBB certificate, and the inscriptions on the back. You'll also notice that his original rank, Yondan, quickly evolves to Hachidan, and later, after I left, Soke. He also, not only claims rank in the Bujinkan, but, as a mere Godan, then confers menkyo in Takagi Yoshin Ryu, Kukishiden Ryu Happo Biken, and less loftily, grants me a shodan in BBT.
Lastly, note that at least up until 1998, Dave never used the name Koga Ryu Wada Ha, instead, he used the same "Koga Ryu" moniker that is the resort of all the frauds. This fact is further substantiated by the Takeda Ryu Ninpo certificate that he issued, for had he known about Koga Ryu Wada Ha, then, he never would have conferred this absurd certificate, as even a legitimate connection to Fujita, doesn't explain this.

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